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I’m glad Cindy picked one of my favourite designs! I remember working on this design again and again until I was satisfied. When the first prototype came out, I like it but it didn’t feel quite right. I thought something could be added on to this design but couldn’t think of what, so I carried it around myself to try bonding with it and wasn’t fully happy until I added fringes, pompom and tassel to make it more of a statement piece.

For this weave, I worked with women from villages in northeastern Thailand. I asked them to weave the patterns they were accustomed to working with, but made changes to the raw materials, in particular, using a weft yarn that was more exciting to achieve a new look. I still remember their faces when I brought out the new weft yarn that I wanted them to use.

They couldn’t understand what I wanted to achieve and before we started, they were bit unsure as to how and why it could be beautiful! But in the end, working with these weavers — opening their eyes, and discovering new designs together — was incredibly rewarding.



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