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Story_Cover Louis Artist Work


Size: W 230 x 1600 cm.

A collaboration project of MookV and the architecture department of Louis Vuitton Paris to develop a new design concept for LV store at ICONSIAM, a “cross pollination” of influences between LV and Thai local artist and designer, MookV.

The “River of Kings“ is 20 meter long textile artwork features mixed media of various traditional handicraft techniques—including appliqué embroidery, hand weaving and crocheting—as an homage to life along the river.

Bending and curving along the ceiling feature, the spirit of the majestic river just outdoors from the boutique is captured and brought inside, extending the river into the space, in defiance of gravity and time.

The appliqué sections are ornamented and stitched together from various Thai fabrics to create a texture of Thainess with the colour scheme reminiscent of the Chao Praya River from day to night, when glittering lights reflect off the water’s surface.

Materials embody meaning, with fishing line representing the fisherman’s way of life, woven together with brass chains as totems of richness and grandeur, their inverted shapes reminiscent of temple stupas. Sequins and metallic lurex yarns also evoke the ornate and colourful Buddhist temples perched harmoniously alongside the river. A delicate incorporation of used cassette and VCR tape into the weaving yarn represents echoes of joy and entertainment as part of the harmonious “cross pollination” concept.

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