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Message from MookV


Our Products are made in the shade of a Thai-style elevated home office, on handlooms built by MookV and by the hands of weavers trained under MookV, most of whom have been working with her from the beginning.

It was my dream to create a community, populated by those who do not consider themselves fashionistas, in the sense that what we like does not particularly follow a need to look like we came straight off of the latest season’s catwalk. We don’t really care much about seasons or looks that are here today and gone tomorrow. We just know the styles that we like, and enjoy sharing them with friends. We are drawn to the stylishly functional, pieces that can be used every day, or put away for safekeeping then brought out to use again in maybe few months times or even a few years later, like a perfect pair of jeans or your favourite earrings grandma gave you, never losing their appeal and the feeling only growing fonder with age.

You might have wondered, who really makes MookV bags?

I am a weaver myself, and opened my company almost 15 years ago, starting with five women who I taught the art of weaving. They came from a nearby crowded urban community and I convinced them to come learn new skills, and as they became roficient I hired more, providing a fair living wage (with health insurance and overtime pay), which is why turnover of labour at my studio factory (located on the grounds of a classical Thai home elevated on stilts) is very low. Eventually, we even helped build an off-site factory home for embroiderers who live in a Muslim community, so they would not have to commute and could stay with their families. Today, my team of weavers and embroiderers are all women in their 30’s to 50’s, and often the primary breadwinners for their families. A few years ago, I began designing and producing handbags that are unique in their bold colours and touchable textures…clutch bags that are actually a joy to hold. They are not just nice to look at and hold, the dimensions and functionality have all been field-tested by me, MookV, so they can easily hold a ladies wallet, smartphone, portable charger and cord,as well as essential makeup items. Like all good things, you will probably have to wait, as each bag is handwoven to order, taking around one full day of man-hours to produce by my weavers and embroiderers, who all take great pride in their craftsmanship. Every item is personally inspected by me, so everyone who owns one of my handwoven and embroidered bags is like part of the MookV family. I always have to deal with other factories copying my work and ideas, so I decided to turn the tables and create a line of bags that are less labor-intensive and inspired by my own handwoven pieces, which wouldbe more affordable to younger clients. On this site, I am also excited to introduce personally curated items now and in the future. With more styles that can blend with my existing collection, I work with up-and-coming designers to develop more choices for our beloved clients to choose from.



I look forward to hearing from you all soon. XOXO

All My Best,


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