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To understand our bags and models better. What are MookV Especial product?

Especial means ‘more than usual’ and ‘distinct’ These beauties are the most time consuming to craft, using our intricate handwoven kilim weaving technique.

With these bags we do have a limited quantity of some beloved models in stock,but these are predominantly made-to-order pieces that can take up to one month to complete, but in a world where we sometimes forget that quality craftsmanship takes time, there are still things well worth the wait. What is nice about waiting for these lovingly handmade bags is you can chat with others about your favourite models and designs, the best way to care and store them, share looks, and look for ideas. You can even tell us your colour preference and play a part in making your bag your own, where we add touches to personalize your own bag.

How can we personalize our bags?

Depending on the techniques required, there will be some areas, such as the inner lining colour, where we customize as a fun playful collaboration. We may encourage you to suggest your own colours in the bag itself. And you tell us how you want to mix and match the handwoven straps with one of the various colours of our fabric body bags.

What are Embroidered Touch bags?

For this category, we offer a more accessible range of choices, so anyone that was a fan of many of the patterns can have as many as they want. Embroidered Touch is available a price range that is appreciably more affordable than Especial with a much shorter lead time, but these bags are truly no less fun to hold. The digital print fabric bodies are from the exact same patterns of our Especial bag with hand embroidered touches in some areas to give it a sense of handcrafted, so they feel nice and look great in your hands. If you want to have more options to switch up your look, then Embroidered Touch is ready and waiting for you.

What does online bazaar shopping with MookV mean?

The best way I can explain it is, I’m sure there are a number of people who have had days where, even before they left home,they felt the look of their ensemble was not right somehow, and it happened to be on a day they wanted to go browse and shop around, but now they felt too lazy to fight the traffic to run around to a few places, especially now that they do not feel comfortable with their look. I wanted to create a space of my own, filled with the styles and things that I like and enjoy using myself. I wanted people to feel welcome to come and share ideas or even add their voice to what they think is missing and share their thoughts, ideas, dreams. In my bazaar, I would love if one day it was filled with all the lifestyle products I am passionate about, from head to toes and round the home. Like Santa’s bag or Doreamon’s pouch, it is filled with all sorts of wonders and joys. And under this imaginated roof thatched with my ideas of the distinctive, divine, and functional, a community would gather, one consisting of fellow enthusiasts of fine craftsmanship in timeless, fun, senses-pleasing styles.

What is Curated by MookV all about?

I believe in weaving connections with fellow designers who share a common sense of community, ready to reach different places in the world, fellow creators that appreciate and get excited by similar things. My team and I agreed on designers that we felt fit just right, invited them to come under our roof and feature their product right alongside MookV. Some may wonder if this is causing conflict with your own brand or confusing clients? To me, this is online bazaar is one that I have always wanted to create, a community of people that speak the same language and doesn’t just go for the latest collection off the catwalks, but cherish pieces genuinely made with great love and care by skilled craftsmanship through the hands of their creators and their trusted teams, imbued with heart, soul and belief. I hope you will enjoy browsing through our lifestyles products that we are happy to keep adding, not only for women but also with offerings to the men of our lives, as well as décor items to enliven living spaces, so MookV bazaar becomes a place anyone can wander through to find something they love or absolutely need or will keep and use forever (or all of the above).

What is “Jye” ?

My very first Curated by MookV is a brand new one I can call a sister’s brands since it is the baby of three designers who have been working alongside with me for years. I love the name of their brand “Jye” which translates to “heart” in Thai and means “winner” in Sanskrit. In Thai ‘sye jye’ (ใส่ใจ) is ‘the act of putting your heart into something’, and is used to denote care and attention, which is what each of these items from their own skilled hands have crafted.

What are Basket MookV & MookV Curated beach bags?

All our basket beach bag are finished off with rich layers of colourful pompoms and tassels to give an exuberant cheerful look to each one. We add details like macramé, hand crocheting and kilim weave with our pompoms and tassels to turn a beach bag into a signature piece,like art in your hand putting the “So fun!” in something so functional.


All our bags are individually inspected, and have been field-tested by MookV herself. Now her passion to be a spark for a community of people with a shared appreciation of art, inspiring travel, timeless looks, and of course handcrafted artworks that you can carry around with you everywhere you go!

Why are our bag different from others out there?

Put simply, we make our bags with our heart and soul, putting the best of what we personally like to touch and feel into every details. We use the most intricate and time-consuming weaving technique, kilim weave, which gives us the freedom to create bolder, sharper and a more elaborate patterns for each of our bag. With our basket beach bag our pompoms are made from mixture of different type of yarns matt and sheen to create another dimension of the touch and feel to your hand/skin. The details of our pom pom, fringes and tassels are thicker and more layers that are so stand out and make your basket bag a statement and distinctive. As the embroidery details on our bags are all stitched by hand that take some time to complete.

What is Kilim weave? Why is it so hard and time consuming?

Kilim weave is a kind of flatweave, woven in the slitweave technique. Normal plainweave passes over to warp yarn (the long yarns in parallel that hold the weave) only once before doing the next row, which computer controlled looms can do fast and cheap. But Kilim is produced on a hand loom, where the shuttle travels back for a weave where the pattern completely covers over the warp yarn. This gives us more freedom to create interesting patterns but on the other hand it is much more time consuming than a plainweave technique. One of our kilim woven bag could take more than two weeks worth of womanhours to complete.

Why womenhours?

The weavers and embroiderers of my factory are the talented hands behind my success, and they are all women who have been with me from the beginning. And we know, that when a women puts her heart into something,it means everything.

How do I clean my MookV bags?

We are one big family at Beyond Living. As a mother of triplet sons, I would like to introduce your bag as one of my “daughters”, as I believe that each bag has its own soul and christened each one of them to reflect this motherly love. Our clutches and handbags are individually handwoven and, just like us, exhibit slight variations which are not defects, but characteristic elements that make each subtly unique and blessed with its own personality. Please take good care of your MookV bag by taking her to see a professional dry cleaning specialist from time to time whenever necessary, so she can stay beautiful for a long time to come. We hope that she will be one of your new best friends and a faithful companion accompanying you everywhere you go.




Asama is our newest baby. This latest new design combines handwoven details with quality crafted genuine leather. The woven details come in a variety of patterns and colours that you can choose from to fit your personal style, and the shape is simple and easy to use, with side pockets for your phone and other small necessities, as well as a discrete front pocket compartment that can be easily reached. The strap is just the right width to nestle on your shoulder. Come check out Asama and discover the pattern that most suits you.

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