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Ploenchan Vinyaratn (Mook)

About Us

Artist-designer Ploenchan “Mook” Vinyaratn is inspired by colours and textures encountered through travels around the world. Everything she creates is done with the soul of an artist as beyond a product but like a portable piece of art that please the senses, with an eye on practicality for everyday use. With each piece you own, she intends for you to feel that it doesn’t just compliment your fashion, but reveals to the world a distinctive sense of you.

MookV.com is an online bazaar where you can find an ever-evolving lineup of distinctive fashion and lifestyle items created and curated by Mook herself, starting with her signature line of handwoven and embroidered handbags. For your convenience, we offer online ordering and delivery to anywhere in the world.

To learn more, visit www.facebook.com/MookV.lifestyle to Like and Follow her journeys and inspirations.



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Message From Mookv

It was my dream to create a community, populated by those who do not consider themselves fashionistas,in the sense that what we like does not particularly follow a need to look like we came straight off of the latest season’s catwalk. We don’t really care much about seasons or looks that are here today and gone tomorrow.

We just know the styles that we like, and enjoy sharing them with friends. We are drawn to the stylishly functional,pieces that can be used every day, or put away for safekeeping then brought out to use again in maybe few months times or even a few years later, like a perfect pair of jeans or your favourite earrings grandma gave you, never losing their appeal and the feeling only growing fonder with age.


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