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308×183 Cross Polination

CROSS POLLINATION Brass sculpture, 2018

A collaboration project of MookV and the architecture department of Louis Vuitton Paris to develop a new design concept for LV store at ICONSIAM, a “cross pollination” of influences between LV and Thai local artist and designer, MookV.

Commercial trade along the River brought people from all walks of life, and new ideas took root in our soil. Locals learned new things, developed novel tastes and incorporated many new experiences into the fabric of etiquette and traditions. Imagine our feet firmly in the past, marvelling through a window at this modern spectacle, recognising familiar elements among the costumes, cuisine, and new homes and buildings that are, still today, designed in colonial-style architecture, stately evidence indeed of a cross-cultural marrying of designs, patterns, and motifs, thriving as a hybrid on its own.

Another example of cross pollination from the Thai kitchen, these brass utensils normally used as stencils for making another Thai delicacy are arranged into this sculptural art piece to form an infinite array of convex shapes and circles.

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