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Tongsai Bay Resort 900×900

All the artworks created for Thongsai Bay resort inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the property and the philosophy of sustainable living.

Appliqué size: W 210 x L 160 cm

Title: Home Sweet Banyan
This artwork is inspired by the stately banyan trees all around the Tongsai Bay property. The vines, hanging roots and wide leaves offer us welcome shade and a home for the many birds and other animals that call this home.


Appliqué: size W 210 x L 160 cm.

Title: Blessed Tranquillity
The beautiful woods and greenery are home to many species of animals and beautiful birds. Made from recycled paper to honour a commitment to sustainable living.


Painted Fused Glass

Title: Glisten
These sculpted lotus leaves remind us of the beauty and fragility of life. A reminder sometimes it is enough to look and appreciate splendours of nature without the need to touch.


Recycled paper size W 160 x H 100 cm.

Title: Pulp Vision
Made from recycled paper, this piece honours a commitment to sustainable living and finds beauty in what others may first dismiss as trash.

Appliqué size W 80 x H 90 cm

Title: Samrong
The beautiful flower that blooms in the local woods around the resort, a colourful reminder to all who stay of their time in paradise.

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